The Perfect Way To Prospect

An interactive online marketplace with features that enable the masses to follow your sale. Dynamic functions like "Tag & Watch" and real time SMS/Email alerts to all activity. Best of all and a first for the industry, online registration with digital bidding which broadcasts your in-room auctions to the world wide audience. Add our video streaming to this for the ultimate consumer experience. Lift engagement, build an online crowd and maximise exposure of your listing and sale event! Sell your success to the widest audience and secure more listings now.

Why use us?

Easy To Use

Simply Apply to List.

Begin listing after your Agency details are confirmed.

Easily integrated into any method of sale.

Less Work For You

Exchangehouse conducts all registrations to bid.

All bidding is done via a device (smartphone, ipad, tablet etc)

We record and document all bids on your behalf, under the legislation.

Insight Into The Market

Know precisely the number of people watching your listings.

Know who has registered to bid before bidding commences.

Get More Listings

Get the best price for vendors by taking bids from onsite and offsite.

Never miss a bid, so never miss a sale!

Give vendors complete confidence in getting the best price.

Agent with a Point of Difference

Tech driven, online, available 24/7.

Aligned with other consumers experiences.

Your difference in a generic marketplace.

How to use us?

  • Apply to List

    • Provide some basic information about your Agency.
    • Once verified, your login details will allow you to list.
    • Easy, fast and secure.
  • Listing a Property

    • Provide some simple details of the property.
    • Provide a description and upload some photos.
    • Upload vendor verification form.
    • Set the bid commencement date if you like
    • Upload contract of sale which will be used to exchange.
    • Review listing and you are done !
  • Before Bidding Commence

    • Set the reserve price and bid commencement date.
    • People can tag and watch your property.
  • Once Bidding Commences

    • The countdown timer you set (ie 5min) drives bidding.
    • Once the OBC is met, that becomes the current bid.
    • Each bid resets the countdown timer.
    • ALL bids are binding until countdown expires.
  • The Result

    So the auction will end 1 of 2 ways;

    1. Current Bid sits until countdown ends, at/above reserve, property is sold!
    2. Current Bid sits until countdown ends, below reserve, property passes in.
  • Exchange of Contract

    • ExchangeHouse signs the contract on behalf of both buyer and seller immediately.
    • The Buyers bidder bond is held by Exchangehouse until exchange.