Why use us?

  • Increase Revenue

    Remove revenue capping.

    Let dynamic demand factors drive the price

    Less chance of under-selling your development

    Get the highest price for your best apartments

  • Cost Efficient

    $695 to list and 0.3% of the sale price if you sell.

  • Cross Selling

    Buyers are exposed to sales activity of all apartments

    Buyers can switch preference depending on demand and what may sell

    Potential to quickly increase your sales ratio

  • Wider Market

    Allows you to easily reach overseas markets

    Simple and transparent process will appeal to international buyers

  • Point of Different

    The new and innovative way to sell property

    Be a market leader

    A significant point of difference in a generic marketplace, trading screens in your display suites, 24/7 connection with buyers... It's all possible!

How to use us?

Please contact the Exchangehouse office so we can personally discuss your development and how we can help you achieve the best result via a listing.