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Easy To Use

Simply open an account

Choose the "way" you want to sell

We will take care of the rest!

Cost Effective

Choose which package best suits you and count the savings!

Spend your savings on yourself

A modern Agency? choose how to sell and save

Sell the modern way and Save

Tech driven, online, available 24/7

Use us and tech and save a bundle

Safe And Secure

Fully Licensed and insured

All bidders ID are verified

Bidders required to provide a bond to bid

Appealing To More Buyers

Transparency and convenience will attract more buyers

24/7 ease of use

Online opens you to a wider audience

Best Result

Auction rules create the best chance to bid

Informed buyers have time to consider increasing their bid

You have more time to consider each bid

How to use us?

  • Opening an Account

    • Provide some basic information about yourself.
    • Once verified, your login details allow you to access the members area.
    • Easy, fast and secure.
  • Decide which Sales Package best suits you

    • Direct, Concierge, or Bespoke? Speak to us today.
  • Listing your Property

    • Complete and return the "Engagement Pack" to us.
    • We will upload all your property information.
    • Review your property online ! It's that simple.
  • Direct Service - Control and Manage your Property listing

    • Login and access the members area.
    • Do everything you need. Set your reserve, adjust auction date, get details of who is watching, etc.
    • Access and read any messages from buyers.
  • If Selling by Online Auction

    • Set your reserve before bidding commences.
    • Select where you would like bidding to commence from (OBC).
    • ALL bids are binding.
    • You can adjust your reserve down to accept any bid.
    • Bidding ends when a bid stands uncontested for 1hr.
  • If Selling by Private Treaty

    • Offers will be emailed directly to you.
    • You can then connect with the buyer to discuss.
    • Sell when you are happy!
  • The Result

    So the auction will end 1 of 3 ways;

    1. If bidding reaches your reserve (or you adjust it to match a current bid) it will automatically sell.
    2. If it does not reach your reserve, your property will pass in a revert to Private Treaty.
    3. You simply delist it when sold by Private Treaty (or at your discretion).
  • Exchange of Contract

    • If sold by online auction, we will sign the contract on your behalf (and the buyer) immediately.
    • We will send exchanged contracts to both conveyancers/solicitors.
    • The buyer is legally obligated to pay the required deposit as per the contract (within 48hrs as per our T&Cs).